CVTC Application Form, Selection Criteria & Bursaries for 2015-16

Eligible athletes may now apply for the Callaghan Valley Training Centre for the 2015-16 ski year.

Callaghan Valley Training Centre Bursaries

Two bursaries totalling $8000.00 will be available for the 2015-16 season.

Frozen Thunder Super Camp Brings Together Best Coaches to Work with Junior Athletes

Three of our four training centres, the AWCA, CVTC and NDC Thunder Bay, have just launched a fundraising and promotion campaign for a new junior development program, the Frozen Thunder Super Camp.

CVTC Summer Camp Gives Athletes a Taste of Being at a Training Centre

The Callaghan Valley Training Centre recently held it's first Summer Camp for BC Ski Team and older BC Development Squad athletes. The week-long camp which was designed to give athletes a taste of what it is like to be a Training Centre athlete included roller skiing, hiking, running, sport psychology, strength training, nutrition and a special hands-on cooking session from an experienced chef. It turned out to be an invaluable experience for all.

Product Review: Whistler Olympic Park - A Winter Paradise

Whistler Olympic Park, home of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games as well as the Callaghan Valley Training Center has the best skiing in the area. With endless amounts of snow and trails for all abilities it’s a great stop for anyone looking to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Golden at P'ayak

Two CVTC athletes suited up for Sigge's P'ayak in Whistler today, and one ended on the top rung of the podium in the 30 km event. 

Sigge's P'ayak is the biggest loppet in BC and one of the biggest in Canada with more than 500 participants across all distances.  The big distance for the P'ayak is 50 km, but the CVTC athletes opted for the shorter 30 km event to compliment their preparations for BC Championships next weekend and the National Championships in mid-March.  There were more than 130 finishers in the 30 km event, including NHL hockey star, Trevor Linden.

Sigge's P'ayak This Weekend

"We currently have a perfect range of competition-from brand new skiers, to members of the Callaghan Valley Training Centre, who are national development team athletes. The word loppet is Norwegian for "family fun race" and the Sigge's P'ayak attempts to bring in people of all ages and abilities," says Yeager.

Race Report: Race of Attrition in Prince George

Many mass start races involve large bunches of skiers travelling together for mutal gain; such was not the case in Prince George on Sunday.  As the results show, the field got pretty strung out and many of the skiers were on a solo pain train for close to 20 km.  CVTC faired quite well on the day with three skiers in the top 6 and the top to spots on the Junior men podium. 

Race Report: Sprinting in the West

The field at Western Canadian Championships has proved to be thin, but tough.  National Team skier, Phil Widmer, lead the qualifer, but only 23 men toed the line, meaning that all would qualify through into the quarter-final heats.  CVTC showed up, nonetheless, and swepte the top four positions in the junior men category in the qualifier, setting up for a very blue round of heats.

Skiers Race for the Gut-Wrenching Finish (Prince George Citizen)

As soon as they crossed the finish line, Canmore skiers Paul Dupuis and Sebastien Dandurand collapsed in motionless heaps, wheezing, coughing and sputtering.

The pair fought to catch their breath after an intense half-hour at race speed Thursday at Otway in the senior men's classic 10-kilometre race at Otway in the Haywood NorAm Western Canadian championships.

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