Back to the Bases

By: Graham Maclean

Fantastic to be back to my home base after a 7-week European work tour with Canada’s National Team.  Canada had podium success in ‘Putin’s Paradise’ at the pre-Olympic world cup in Sochi, Russia.  Followed up by another medal at the World ski champs in Val di Fiemme in the Dolomites of Northern Italy.  We will also see podiums again soon for the CVTC!  The CVTC team is back to their home base and in just two weeks the Nationals will begin in Whistler.

Whistler is the year round base for the CVTC and the team is home training hard for upcoming Nationals.  This is a big advantage for the athletes!  These guys know the race trails and the challenging conditions better than anyone.  It is a good opportunity for success.  After cranking out some good results at Eastern and Western championships, the boys are carrying big momentum, ready to rumble back at the base!

Check out base binder waxes as a cool way to influence the speed, function and durability of the top layers of your grip waxing.  Tests are done on a spectrum of different base binder waxes and klisters - all covered with equal layers of adequate grip wax.  Test skis are rated on the amount of grip compared to the feeling of the speed while skiing.  The best ski is not always the fastest in feeling because good grip is ultra important with the base wax test.  A base wax that is quite speedy but also helps give good grip is ideal and can often work with colder (faster) top layers of grip wax.

A good base for the team and a good base on the skis – ready for Nationals!!

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