Frozen Thunder Super Camp Brings Together Best Coaches to Work with Junior Athletes

Frozen Thunder Super Camp Make A Champ Campaign

Three of our four training centres, the AWCA, CVTC and NDC Thunder Bay, have just launched a fundraising and promotion campaign for a new junior development program, the Frozen Thunder Super Camp.  From October 20-26th, junior athletes from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, BC and the Yukon will be training and living side by side in Canmore, AB.  This camp is comprised of athletes from the National Talent Squad and provincial team programs.

For one week, athletes will have their first chance to get valuable training time on snow on the Frozen Thunder loop.  During the week, they will be training with and learning from our National Team athletes.  They will be fine-tuning their technique with some of the best coaches we have ever had in Canada.  Most importantly, they will be building friendships that will last the rest of their lives.

Coach development is also a very important piece of this camp.  The opportunity to have our best club, training centre and national team coaches working side-by-side and sharing their knowledge is a key piece to building a stronger ski nation.  Additional sessions dedicated to athlete retention and training philosophies will also be incorporated into the camp program.

Their campaign, which can be found at, will be running for the next two weeks. Their goal is to raise $3000 to offset camp costs and fund extra athlete benefits like official camp clothing plus additional awards and recognition.  The campaign is also designed to promote this new camp concept as they build it into a long-term development tool used to educate and inspire future generations of athletes and coaches.

By supporting this campaign, you are supporting Canadian development initiatives.  We want this camp to grow and become something that motivates future generations of skiers for years to come.  Your contribution will be a big part of inspiring these young athletes as they continue to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

For more information, visit their campaign website or contact Chris Jeffries at


BC Athletes:

Alexander Corbett (Larch Hills Nordic Society)

Annika Richardson (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)

Avalon Wasteneys (Strathcona Nordic Ski Club)

Erica Kreitz (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)

Eliza-Jane Kitchen (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)

David Walker (Telemark Nordic Club)

Gareth Williams (Telemark Nordic Club)

Hannah Mehain (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)

Katie Weaver (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club)


BC Coaches:

Chris Manhard (Callaghan Valley Training Centre)

Graham Maclean (Callaghan Valley Training Centre)

Maria Lundgren (Callaghan Valley Training Centre)

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