Getting Coastal

Another weekend another van trip... umm... race.  This weekend the CVTC team travelled to the final Coast Cup event, hosted at Mt. Washington near Comox, BC.  As is becoming custom for the team lately, the podium was not spacious enough for other teams. 

The trip was pretty fantastic as the gentlemen enjoyed some beautiful crust skiing under bluebird skies after arriving on Friday and also as a cool down from Saturday's event.

Saturday's races were pretty rapid: only 7.5 km individual start in the skate technique.  At this non-standard, near-sprint distance, there was some shake-up in the CVTC pecking order.  Top senior, Geoffrey Richards, maintained, but Martin Schrama had a 2nd place, followed by Yannick Lapierre and Sebastien Townsend.  In the junior category, Sebastiend Dandurand continued his winning ways with the following pecking order being: Colin Ferrie, Stefan Sander-Green, Paul Dupuis, and Fred Weaver.

Saturday Results

Sunday was a bit longer, featuring a 15 km classic technique, mass start.  But it was no less exciting.  The top four skiers skied together in a pack until the last kilometre, where it got really spicy.  The end result was Stefan Sander-Green beating Colin Ferrie in a sprint, Sebastien Dandurand finished 3rd and Geoffrey Richards was 4th (1st Senior).  Martin Schrama and Paul Dupuis finished 5th and 6th (2nd senior and 4th Junior), respectively.  Fred Weaver was 7th (5th Junior).

Coach Chris Manhard is really impressed with the fitness at speed of the junior contingent and reports that the entire team is feeling relaxed and strong in this critical lead up to Ski Nationals (March 23-30) in Whistler.

Sunday Results

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