Golden at P'ayak

Two CVTC athletes suited up for Sigge's P'ayak in Whistler today, and one ended on the top rung of the podium in the 30 km event. 

Sigge's P'ayak is the biggest loppet in BC and one of the biggest in Canada with more than 500 participants across all distances.  The big distance for the P'ayak is 50 km, but the CVTC athletes opted for the shorter 30 km event to compliment their preparations for BC Championships next weekend and the National Championships in mid-March.  There were more than 130 finishers in the 30 km event, including NHL hockey star, Trevor Linden.

Martin Schrama crossed the finish line in 1st place in the 30 km free technique event.  Teammate Benjamin Osorio finished 4th.  "I really like to race in Whistler," said Schrama.  "I'm feeling really good this year in all distances so was really happy to be able to also ski well here in Whistler.  It's great to ski race with so many people on our favourite trails."

The next major event for CVTC is the BC Provincial Championships next weekend.

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