Plyometric Strength

- By Chris Manhard

Are you looking for some easy-to-do strengthening exercises to keep your muscles ski-ready this summer?  Look no further.  CVTC Head Coach, Chris Manhard offers these two suggestions.

Lateral Hops with Jumps:
* Begin standing on one leg with a straight knee.
* Bend knee and push off with full foot ("sideways"), jumping to other foot about 3-5 feet away.
* Land on opposite foot, jump off toe into the air as high as possible before landing on same foot.
* Continue cycle.

Mountain Climber:
* Use a bench, concrete barrier, or stable chair
* Stand facing the object and start with one leg up on object, preferably at knee height.
* Use leg on object to propel you into the air without any help from the leg on the ground.
* Push off toe into the air as high as possible and bring opposite knee to chest before landing with opposite leg on barrier and other leg on the ground.
* Continue cycle with other leg.

Good luck and stay strong!

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