Product Review: Bliz Eyewear

By: Liam Patterson

The CVTC team is rocking Bliz eyewear this year and has been fully equipped with a variety of choices. Bliz is big on the Nordic scene and we are very excited to be representing them. Each athlete received this year's model of the Velocity XT, the Pursuit XT and Proflip.

The Velocity XT are great for racing with a large single lens that's interchangeable for certain weather conditions. They are comfortable on the face and shield wind, sun, snow and rain from your eyes. We received these glasses in blue and white to match our team colours for the upcoming season. So far I'm a big fan of the Velocity XT.

The Pursuit XT is a classic looking sport sunglasses. They have a sleek and stylish design and are very light weight. They have comfortable foam on the interior. The lenses are also interchangeable for weather conditions. These glasses are great for wearing when training, racing, and even on the go. This year we received the Pursuit XT's in red and white.

The Proflip is fantastic for racing with an extra large single lens. It is attached to a comfortable band that can be adjusted accordingly. The lens is also interchangeable and pivots so the lens can be flipped up over the eyes. It is designed not to fog up and is excellent at keeping the cold wind, snow and other weather conditions out of your eyes. I have raced with the Proflips for the past couple of years and they are one of my personal favourites.

If you're looking for a great pair of sunglasses to sport while on the trails check out Bliz at

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