Product Review: Cytomax Energy Drops

As elite athletes who train for hours a day, the members of CVTC need a reliable source of energy to use during these training session. That is why we use Cytomax Energy Drops throughout long workouts to give our body that extra boost to push through and deliver the best performance possible.

We like these energy drops because they're very light.  Just one drop won't come close to filling you up and is very easy to digest, even under heavy exercise.  They're perfect for keeping our energy level up. Each package comes filled with vital electrolytes, which creates the ideal performance chew for an athlete. Furthermore, the great taste of the orange tangerine takes away the feeling of ingesting sport food and is more like eating tasty candy.

CVTC recently competed in the 5 Peaks running race up on Whistler Mountain. I used the Cytomax Energy Drops during my warm up to give me an added enhancement before the race. The caffeine energized me and the sugars fuelled my body with proper electrolytes and a reliable sustained energy boost. All of these factors, as well as the drops being very light and easy to digest, make them great for pre- and during-workout energy!

By: Sam Morris

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