Product Review: Halti Lumista Jacket

We’ve all been there. Ripping along the trail on a blue bird day, ideal tracks, good company, and being surrounded by the most luscious scenery and fresh air. The perfect Saturday.  As you admire the stunningly beautiful surroundings, your comrade makes a quick and snappy remark about how outdated your jackets looks. Yes, it has seen better days, but you enjoy how the faded colors and homemade sewing jobs make it look rustic, well used, and mature. Besides, the jacket has been with you for years and oozes great memories. The coat has simply become your second skin. You begin looking around and notice that the old school Nordic style you use to adore has changed and modernized. The more you look, the more you realize that your good old jacket is in fact outdated, and that you might as well be rocking parachute pants, leg warmers, and fingerless gloves.

Although shopping for that new jacket starts out as an enjoyable activity, after a while of skimming through the endless selection of different brands and designs, the task become more maddening than anything else. Well, luckily for you, CVTC and Halti have you covered (pun intended).

Look no further then the Lumista Jacket. It simply all boils down to one thing. Quality. We want our Jacket to have unmatched durability to last years. We want our Jacket to be made of the best quality fabrics to ensure we’re warm during those frigid days, and cool on those days where we curse at global warming. We want our Jacket to be that stylish head turner on the trail, not just for this season, but for the next five seasons.

With the Lumista Jacket all these qualities are attainable. This is not only the highest quality ski jacket on the market, but also an exceptionally affordable one. Its elegant Finnish design is simply flawless perfection. Not to mention totally worth discarding your old jacket for.

While many other companies overlook the minor details, Halti has made them a top priority. Here are some of the Highlights:

  • Outermost layer made of four-way stretching, inner layers consist of two knit elastic and breathable knit materials of different thicknesses
  • Close fit with a longer sleeve length
  • Lycra cuffs
  • Collar and hem can be tightened
  • Reflective prints
  • Two lower pockets with zippers
  • Stormwall Softshell Gauhe
  • Fabric waterproof rating 10,000mm
  • Fabric breathability 10,000g/m2/24h
  • Stretch soft knit
  • Stretch knit

This beautiful, affordable, and durable jacket will bring you more comfort and happiness then you can imagine. Be prepared for any condition, any temperature, and any pretty lady/ handsome man that you may encounter on the trail. Upgrade to the future.

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