Product Review: Westcomb Crest Hoody

Westcomb is an outerwear company based in Vancouver, BC.  The company prides itself on being designed, tested and built in Vancouver.  In my opinion Westcomb produces some of the best jackets you can buy anywhere.  The quality of their products is apparent from the first time you put one of their jackets on.  My team and I just received the Crest Hoody this summer.  It is a very minimalistic, wind resistant soft shell jacket.  Not only is it extremely lightweight it also does an amazing job at cutting the wind.  It can also help keep you dry during periods of light rain.

The CVTC just recently ran the 5 peaks race on Blackcomb Mountain.  It was a windy day and there was also a small amount of rain.  The Crest Hoody was the perfect jacket for the day.  The jacket stretches with your body, so it is ideal for an alpine run like the 5 Peaks or just on a casual run or hike.  Because it is so lightweight it is easy to pack into a backpack and forget about it until you need to use it.  When you wear the jacket it feels like a lot of thought went into its design.  The cut of the hoody is longer than most and it has a relaxed fit to it.  This makes it easy to put on some layers underneath without any trouble.  Even though it is a very minimal jacket, you never feel like your missing out when wearing it.    

I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a simple, and light soft shell.  Westcomb have done a wonderful job designing this jacket!



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