A Story of Volunteering

CVTC Helping Out in the Community

By: Maria Lundgren, Assistant Coach

Being a full time athlete at the Callaghan Valley Training Centre involves several hours of training per day. It also means that the athletes have time to help out in the community with different events. Since the team was united in the spring of 2013 the athletes have been contributing between three and five hours of volunteer work every week they have been in Whistler. The purpose with volunteering in the community is to create more awareness of the CVTC as well as assisting with creating successful community events. There are many benefits of volunteering for the athletes. Some of them include: allowing them to connect with others in the community, increase their social skills, increase their self-confidence, create a sense of accomplishment and may also lead to future employment.

CVTC athletes and coaches have been involved with events such as Ironman, BC Bike Race, Whistler Valley Trail Run and weekly trail maintenance for WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association).

 “In August the CVTC team volunteered for Ironman Canada.  I was very keen to help out because it is events like this that make Whistler such an interesting place to live. Not only did this give our team a chance to help out in the community but also gave us a chance to see some truly inspiring people. From the elite athletes to the people completing their first ironman, you could tell they were all giving it everything they had.” - Colin Foley

“The final BC bike race stage was in Whistler, where we volunteered as marshals. I enjoyed watching the racers fly by during the nice and sunny day. I was posted at a busy intersection where many tourists were out enjoying the trails. There were many tourists who needed directions and so I was extra busy giving directions and marshaling. It was a great opportunity to help the public and racers.” - Ben Osorio

The team will continue the volunteer work this winter as their schedule allows. One of the priorities will be to coach young skiers at the Whistler Nordics ski club. Whistler Sport Legacies, a major CVTC sponsor, will also receive some needed help from our athletes in coaching a school group program at the Whistler Olympic Park. It has been great to see the CVTC athletes giving back to our amazing community and the team and I are excited for our next opportunity to volunteer.

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