Thoughts on Team Cohesion

By: Paul Dupuis

What makes a successful team? Most people leap to the natural and obvious assumptions such as money, coaching staff, talent, and training regimen. All of these ideas are entirely correct, however, without one crucial ingredient, all of these concepts are meaningless: team cohesion and spirit. This is the glue that sticks all these pieces together. Although it may sound like a Hollywood sports film cliché, the simple act of teammates and Coaches working together in a productive, respectful, and supportive environment is indispensable.

A team can have copious amount of talent and money, but if every training day is a constant uphill battle between team members, the outcomes become exhausting.

CVTC has recognized the importance of team cohesion and has made it a top priority for the 2013-14 seasons. From spending 2 days team building on the luscious Hornby Island, to a scorching twenty hour drive to Park City squished shoulder to shoulder in the odorous team van, you can say that we've bonded.

By conducting activities such as this, the team has created a tight bond that has increased the overall success of the group. Each athlete takes on a particular role within the team to ensure a positive and constructive atmosphere at all times. Some athletes will keep the mood light during times of pressure or tough training sessions. Others will turn the group back on track when a serious attitude is needed. With this type of dynamic, and the heterogeneous array of personalities on the team, CVTC has become a great group of focused and happy athletes.


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