Utah Living

By: Colin Foley

Our trip to Salt Lake City started early on morning of the 8th with the team piling into the van and settling in for the long drive to Boise, Idaho. It didn’t take long for us to realize that this was going to be a very hot trip when it was 36° at 6 o’clock at night in Idaho. After 5 more hours of driving (a total of 18) we arrived at our condo in Park City, Utah.

We have been up at higher altitude here in Park City for sleeping and our longer aerobic workouts but we have been traveling down towards Salt Lake City to do the higher intensity training. The trip started off with beautiful sunshine for the first two days and we took full advantage going for a long bike ride that went by the summer facilities for ski jumping, aerials, and bobsleigh. It was very cool to see the aerial skiers do flips into the pools.

We then experienced unexpected weather here in Utah for the next couple days, it rained! It was cloudy or raining for almost three days, which I’ve been told, is quite uncharacteristic of Utah for this time of year. But we didn’t have anyone complaining about the cooler temperature as we headed down to Salt Lake to do some Lactate threshold work.

We found some great hills for our intervals including one very long one that seemed to be the hotspot for bikers. Nearly 14km and very few cars made it a perfect road for rollerskiing biking or running. We did skate threshold intervals up the beginning of the hill and finished it off in zone 1. This long continuous climb gave us a great chance to work on our offset.

We finished off the week with a long 3 hour run up through the mountains by Park City. Here is many of the members of our team sporting our MuscleMLK t-shirts up at the top of the mountain close to the end of our run.

The team is here for 2 more weeks so be sure to check in for more updates on our adventures in Utah.

A photo album of our Utah adventures is available here: http://cvtc.ca/2013-utah-camp

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