Waxing For Spring

By: Graham Maclean

Waxing for classic skiing is rarely simple in the sea-to-sky corridor but it gets even more gnarly with the heat of spring sun hits the snow.  "Hairies" or "rub" skis do not perform to their full potential on glazed, icy tracks and the dread-wax Klister becomes the tool of choice.  Putting klister on the skis (or taking it off) will never be a pleasant experience, but here are some tips for making it a bit more bearable.

2013 Ski Nationals - Day 7 - Rest Day

If you're not in a position to get a massage, the next best thing is stretching.  Chris Manhard, CVTC coach, is a registered massage therapist and a huge advocate of stretching and flexibility for athletes.  We caught up with him on the last rest day of Nationals to inquire about the best body parts to stretch to recover from the past days of hard classic racing.

2013 Ski Nationals - Day 6

It was another fantastic day for the CVTC at cross country ski national championships.  Although the team did not win any medals, all nine of the athletes qualified into the top-30 and finished in the top-25 in the classic sprint event.  The training centre had two athletes, Colin Ferrie and Sebastien Dandurand competing in the junior final (finished 5th and 6th, respectively).

2013 Ski Nationals - Day 5 - Senior Rest Day

Question and answer with Coach Chris Manhard.

Did the CVTC athletes ski today?
Some did some didn't.  The ones that did tested their skis to make sure they're still going well.  Yesterday some of them thought their skis were a bit draggy so they're just checking their selection.  Another reason to re-test the skis is to confirm that they are running well in the morning conditions, too.  Yesterday their race was in the afternoon and the qualifer is in the morning tomorrow so the snow will be quite different. 

2013 Ski Nationals - Day 4

Sebastien Dandurand claimed another bronze medal for the Callaghan Valley Training Centre on Day 3 of competition at the cross country ski national championships.  The competition in the Open Men category was boosted by the return of top Canadian skiers from the final World Cup races, but the Callaghan Valley gentlemen improved their performances from Sunday's skate technique event.

2013 Ski Nationals Day 3 - Rest Day

By: Chris Manhard

What does a so-called "rest day" look like for the Callaghan Valley Training Centre Team? 

With one race down the athletes are heading into their first rest day with a short ski to work out the post race fatigue.  They will ski the race course and test their multiple pairs of classic skis.  The goal is to narrow the selection down to one pair to be race-waxed for tomorrow's 15 km classic event.

2013 Ski Nationals Day 2

The first day of interval racing at Ski Nationals 2013 featured an interval start, 10 km skate race.  The CVTC scored one podium finish, despite focusing primarily on classic skiing this year.  Sebastien Dandurand, a former nordic combined athlete, battled throughout the race and finished 3rd, less than 10 seconds off first place, in the junior category.  This result placed Dandurand 32nd overall on the day.

2013 Ski Nationals Day 1

The first day of ski nationals is traditionally the team sprint relay, this year in skate format.  The CVTC had only two athletes competing for their home clubs: Stefan Sander-Green and Colin Ferrie representing Kimberley.  There are only two categories in the Team Sprint and Colin and Stefan were the very youngest of the Open Men.

Back to the Bases

By: Graham Maclean

Fantastic to be back to my home base after a 7-week European work tour with Canada’s National Team.  Canada had podium success in ‘Putin’s Paradise’ at the pre-Olympic world cup in Sochi, Russia.  Followed up by another medal at the World ski champs in Val di Fiemme in the Dolomites of Northern Italy.  We will also see podiums again soon for the CVTC!  The CVTC team is back to their home base and in just two weeks the Nationals will begin in Whistler.

Getting Coastal

Another weekend another van trip... umm... race.  This weekend the CVTC team travelled to the final Coast Cup event, hosted at Mt. Washington near Comox, BC.  As is becoming custom for the team lately, the podium was not spacious enough for other teams. 

The trip was pretty fantastic as the gentlemen enjoyed some beautiful crust skiing under bluebird skies after arriving on Friday and also as a cool down from Saturday's event.


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